Friday, February 10, 2012

Jeremy Lin Funny Photos

Lin: Ohh yeah rub your ass here.. ass to ass
Novak:  you sure this is cool... it feels creepy when we do this

this is my latest invention, this device will enhance all your capabilities..
and it will make you famous and cool like me...

I can still taste the herbal tea I took last two week

where's Kobe....? eat my 38pts, don't forget the name Jeremy Lin.. wachawww!!!!

Where's my baby jeremy Lin.. oh there you are baby.. 
come here you tinie bitzy winy...

Carmelo : Damn it.. this dude ruining my career..
 I became nobody and people saying I'm useless..
anyway who cares, I have a million dollars away with his penny..

ewwww... Grousssse!!!! that's disgusting, put it back  Kobe ?

Help.. mommy... I don't want to play basketball anymore..
 I'm going to Harvard and finish my law.

The Twin Head Ogre... woke up from their sleep

The  Flying Lin Swan Kick

ohh sorry didn't see you there

hey Rubio, tell your people in Spain that you got " Linned! "  ...


Jeremy Lin : How To Get Into Harvard

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