Sunday, February 19, 2012

NBA analyst wanna-be

Check that title out!
Guess what? I'm just dreaming. Tsk.
I said I wanna be a NBA analyst! Like Shaq
I just enjoy sharing NBA news to people, be it tweeting to my followers or posting it on Facebook.
I have very few, not even a handful of followers who're in the NBA game, but they just have to take in those cool stuff from me.
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Been watching NBA & catching up with the game story, highlights, box score all night.
And yeah, I use all night now, as the NBA would always play their games at night though it's early in the morning here in Singapore GMT+8.
I will be back to update all on my poly life in Ngee Ann after I'm done with tomorrow's paper.
Updates on my recent life too.
Entering the 19th year of living seems different somehow.
You just stop bothering about getting old cos' you kinda old already, you get more focus on things around you, cherishing more than ever.
Well, whatever it's gonna turn out to be, just follow your dream.
Old dream, let it turn old, fulfil it when you're old.
I'm into the ball game. More than I ever did.
I may not be the best in my age group, neither dominant in my area nor anywhere else, I'm just gonna keep balling in the court. Make this ball game my game.
So much of basketball. Where amazing happens.

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