Monday, February 20, 2012

Roundtable - Just Keep Ballin'

1. Jeremy Lin reminds you most of __________ .
Craig McLaughlin: John Starks. Butare any of us really sure we haven’t actually played pickup ball against him? Iswear he schooled me one time during a random 3 on 3 game with some Asian kids.Oh and before any smartasses bring it up, I know John Starks wasn’t really aPG, but the Fortune Rookie isn’t exactly John Stockton generous with the balleither.
Derek Lai: A poor man Derrick Rose fused with a poor man Steve Nash.  Lin is not yet a top 10 guard in the league but thats not to say he won't be.  But his ability to probe in defense reminds me of a Steve Nash, even with all the turnovers.  On top of that, he's got ability to finish at the rim, something that Derrick Rose does better than any other PG in the league.

Tommy Tran: Isaiah Thomas
Jason Chan: Tim Hardaway
Darren Lieu: Nash and Rose with a hint of Stockton

2. I would love to see Nash get traded to the __________ .
Craig McLaughlin: The Lakers. What?the Lake-Show! But, nobody likes them, you say? Well right now the combinationof Derek Fisher and Steve Blake has DLai looking and sounding like a drunk guyat last call… “Josh McRoberts and Troy Murphy really hustle on the defensiveend!” Yeah, they sure do, and that girl with the lazy eye isn’t half bad afterthose 14 beers either, is she Derek? Please, for everyone’s sake, let’s getNash on the Lakers to make everything a little more exciting so we don’t haveto watch Kobe fight for last minute wins over the Raptors.

Derek Lai: The Heat.  As much as it pains me to say that, it's his best shot to win a championship before he retires or loses all trade potential.  He'll have to do less in Miami and will certainly strengthen what ever unit he'll play there.  To be honest, I'll love if he went to the Lakers, but lets be real, Suns are not going to trade him to the team that they hate.

Tommy Tran: The Lakers
Jason Chan: Raptors would be my hope, but realistically the Lakers.
Darren Lieu: Miami Heat

3. Dwight Howard will be playing for the _______ at the end of the season.
Craig McLaughlin: The Magic. They’rehalf decent with him now and they might as well go all in and make a run withhim. At the end of the year, the new CBA means they can make him the bestoffer. This might be their only shot at getting any sort of value out of him.The market is pretty weak otherwise, Andrew Bynum? Yikes.

Derek Lai: The Magic.  As much as the Lakers want him, I don't see Orlando giving him up for Bynum straight up, let alone losing another franchise center to the Lakers.  Plus it's not worth it for the Lakers to give up both Bynum and Gasol if they are serious about contending this year.  I don't see the Nets, Bulls or Dallas having enough pieces to string a trade together.

Tommy Tran: The Lakers
Jason Chan: The Lakers
Darren Lieu: The Bulls

4. Most disappointing story in the NBA is  __________.Craig McLaughlin: The Miami Heat.When they decide to turn it on they are going to be really hard to beat, andnobody wants the Heat to win. In a best of 7 I think they are still superior tothe Bulls, and I don’t know if OKC is ready for primetime yet. Thankfully,Lebron is still showing us why he’s Like a Bosh in crunch time.

Derek Lai: Shaq on TNT.  There are too many stories that are disappointing, tanging from the seniors (Celtics, Lakers, Dallas) to the young guns (rookie draft class aside from Kyrie Irving and Rubio).  However, Shaq's performance is on every week on TNT and it doesn't compare to his Kobe Rap, Jabbawockeez performance and his dance battle against D12.  Chuck is outplaying him every night!

Tommy Tran: Tim Duncan
Jason Chan: Deron Williams
Darren Lieu: The Celtics

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