Sunday, February 5, 2012

That's A Wrap!

Super Bowl XLVI
New York Giants 21 : 17 New England Patriots

A month ago, I picked the Giants to beat the Packers.  2 weeks ago, I had the New York Giants winning this Super Bowl after their thriller at Candlestick.  It's safe to say I'm a happy camper because if I was wrong, I'd probably lose a couple readers on this blog here and there.  Here's what to take home in this Super Bowl.

1. A Drop Here, A Catch There
The Drop: A Wes Welker catch in the 4th quarter probably would have sealed the fate of the NY Giants if he had made the catch.  By no means would it have been an easy catch (you try catching a throw high while turning away from the direction you are running towards), but like they say, if it hits you in the hands, you've gotta catch it.  The Giants had only 1 timeout left at that time and even if the Patriots didn't score a TD there, they would've killed a lot of time.  Shoulda, coulda, woulda.

The Catch: When Eli threw the prayer to start his eventual game-winning drive, I yelled outloud in bewilderment.  Then I yelled outloud in awe because Manningham made a sensational catch.  Perhaps not Tyree-esque, but it was against very good coverage and he knew he was going to be hit.  That catapulted the drive and the rest is history.

2. Patriots Identity Costed Them In The End
The lack of a running game and a good secondary finally caught up with the New England Patriots this game.  But furthermore, it was their offensive identity that ultimately put this game out of reach.  Their short and quick passing offense couldn't overcome the time issue in the last minute of the game.  The lack of a deep threat or even an explosive receiver down the flanks made the last drive seem almost improbable.

3. You Can't Spell Elite Without Spelling Eli
I'm sorry if you're tired of hearing this so I'll keep it short.  If you beat the Tom Brady, "the greatest quarterback ever", twice in two Super Bowls, I'm gonna slap the elite tag on you.  That's all.

4. The First 3 Quarters Were Only Slightly More Entertaining Than Madonna
That's unfortunate because Madonna sucked.  If Cee-Lo Green steals the thunder with a $5000 bathrobe, you need to perform better, or just sing.  I will say that an average first 3 quarters set up a wicked final quarter.

5. In Yo Face
It's hard to sack Tom Brady.  He gets rid of the ball quick in that offense and knows exactly where he's going with the ball.  I was kind of disappointed with the Giants pass rush in the first 3 quarters which coincided with Brady throwing 16 straight completions.  However in the 4th quarter when Brady was faced with passing situations, the duo of JPP and Tuck got the best of him.  It won't show in the statbook, just 2 sacks, but Brady was constantly forced to move in his pocket, causing him to miss targets downfield.

It's only fitting to end it with a song about my man, JPP.  Congratulations New York Giants.

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